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Collective exhibition

22 August — 20 September 2020
H2, H8 The Fermenting Cellar

Collective exhibition


From August 22 in one of the gallery spaces of the Fertility Hall the Base(less) exhibition is opened. The exhibition is working from 12:00 till 20:00.

Everybody has a choice, and what is taken in brackets may not be taken into account. The basis for a person can be any logical, in his or her opinion, statement, a habitual way of mastering the unknown, and, simply, the ground under his or her feet. Its absence, by analogy with physical sensations in weightlessness, erases previous experience, habits, leads to disorientation, but also gives the opportunity to be more mobile, able to adapt to the new world to the environment.

The amount of information is increasing every day, the time for reflection and validation is decreasing. Defragmentation is becoming more and more difficult. It becomes practically impossible to structure the meanings and values into a whole, into the very system of coordinates in which it would be possible, if desired, to be easily guided. The boundary between reality and its perception seems to be completely erased, and even the most absurd idea is built into the overall flow, changing its content. But we balance in it, trying not to touch the fragile shells of many personal spaces, we face the need to accept unusual ideas, other forms of existence, new living conditions. Is it possible to recode our consciousness completely or will the foundation that has been laid in us since childhood remain predominant in its formation?

Curator: Asmik Melkonyan

Artists: Vladimir Shishak, Pavel Chekulaev, Natalia Kazakova, Ksenia Timofeyeva, Lila Babayan, Anastasia Gross, Hasmik Melkonyan, Katya Ulitina, Vlad Nezabudkin, Zhenia Kuzma, Karina Rossius, Maria Cohen, Natalia Drachinskaya, Svetlana Krasinskaya, Natalia Vodopyanova.

The exhibition will open on August 22nd at 19:00. Vladimir Shishak's performance will be held at 20:00.

For more information about the exhibition, please click on the link

The photo shows Ksenia Timofeeva's work "Not (without) foundation", graphics, 2020.