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Andrey Momastyrsky

13 April — 13 May 2021
H4 XL Gallery

Andrey Momastyrsky

On April 13, the XL gallery opens an exhibition of the artist Andrei Monastyrsky.

Personal exhibition of Monastyrsky happens once in a lifetime. The last event have blown up the minds of contemporaries with the object "Vetka", consequently bought by the Tretyakovskaya Gallery for the collection. The branch is like the "Malevich's Black Square" of our era;

There was also a chance to see the exhibition of Monastyrsky and the Collective Actions group in 2011 at the Russian pavilion during the Venice Biennale. Then Monastyrsky took out fr om the shore the hundred-year-old beams and assembled from them either a fireplace or a wigwam, and around were updated artifacts from the group's past actions. It was named "Empty Zones" and immediately referred to the practice of the group, wh ere they were finding gaps, both in the material and non-material world, specific zones, like prisons.

The inscription refers to the previous action of the KD group "Slogan-1977". If in the 1977 version the inscription read: “I do not complain about anything and I like everything, despite the fact that I have never been here and I don’t know anything about these places,” then in the 2011 version the inscription has changed: “Strange, Why did I lie to myself that I had never been here, and I do not know anything about these places, in fact, here is the same as everywhere else - only you feel it even more sharply and do not understand it deeper. "

In the XL gallery, the artist will present the exposition "Attribute". There is still no accompanying text, perhaps there will not be, his field of interpretations knows no boundaries, just like the cosmos and the universe, which seems to be infinite.