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Collective exhibition

01 September — 24 November 2021

Collective exhibition


BIS ART GALLERY presents works of artists from the permanent exhibition. Each artist differs from the other by his background, education, subject matter he works with, technique, and so on. Nevertheless, all works are united by a recognizable author's style and originality.

The exposition presents deep portraits of Mamuka Didebashvili - two collective images, which are painted in the traditional technique of glazing, but using bright modern colors.

The works of Romanoz - the first transcendent artist - attract attention with phantasmagoric and surreal images born during deep meditation.

Polina Zaremba and Asya Bagaeva show two very different, bright and unique abstractions. Polina's sensual, emotional abstraction echoes the structured, geometric abstractions of her father, Evgeny Zaremba.

Asya Bagaeva is represented by a calm, meditative and graceful abstraction, which in its mood resembles Semyon Galinov, a young artist who, despite the figurativeness in his works, prefers to interact with form and color, rather than with narrative.

For the first time at “Art Shuffle 5.0” a bright triptych by Vangranda “Why \ Who I am” is presented. her expressiveness refers to street art, and symbols of pop culture constantly appear on her works.

Surazitsa's multi-layered works fascinate the viewer and make him turn again and again to current topics - freedom of speech, the interaction of man and nature, and the coronavirus. Oksana Afanasyeva addresses the difficult topic of gambling addiction and gambling.

Finally, figurative work, which is not standard for Teona Yamanidze, reveals a tender and vulnerable human nakedness.