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Valentin Korzhov
"The flesh and the sky"

24 January — 01 March 2018
19 11.12 Gallery

Valentin Korzhov
"The flesh and the sky"

11.12 Gallery presents Valentin Korzhov's exhibition "The Flesh and the Sky"

These illusory, formless, indefinable spaces, these vast expanses of space that remain between the moments of our so-called consciousness, but form the ideal ring of man and his life, the constant presence of thoughts and emotions, flesh and sky.

Peter Max, 1972

Valentin Korzhov explores the nature of the body - in violation of all taboos or boundaries of shame - complexly, starting with the sources of human existence. In his works he addresses the themes of trauma and cure, integrity and fragmentation, identity and memory. His surreal landscapes are inhabited by hybrid creatures, striving for their water sources. In addition to photography Korzhov works in various media, mainly with sculpture, video and performance, creating spirits that are spiritistic in their moods. His fascination with modern and Greek philosophy, history, drama of the body, especially its ancient forms and features, calls into question many anthropocentric theories and suggests alternative scenarios where the human and animal are closer than ever. Flesh and the sky - the first exhibition of Korzhov at the 11.12 Gallery, which will feature works from several projects, revealing the diversity of his artistic approach.

Attilia Fattori Francini