Winzavod CCA
Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8 105120 Kurskaya/Chkalovskaya metro station

How to find us
Administrator: +7 (495) 917 46 46, + 7 (495) 917 17 99
Lease: +7 (495) 803 33 33
Cash: + 7 (495) 917 17 99

Philosophy club

"Philosophical Club" Winzavod holds open lectures of the most relevant philosophers of our time. Twice a month, the Vinzavod's Vintage Hall becomes a forum for discussing the latest philosophical theories and trends. It is they who open us a new look at our daily life. Technical progress, speeding up time, increasing communication channels - how does all this affect what is happening around us and on ourselves?

On our site already well-known American philosopher Graham Harman, ideologist of philosophy of recklessness Robert Pfaller, connoisseur of the beautiful Christophe Menke and many others. In the season 2017/2018 the star composition of the lecturers will be supplemented by new names.

Project’s curator

Anastasia Shavlokhova

Curator of the "Philosophical Club", a member of the expert council of the project "Start". Prize winner of the Caryatid 2011 Prize and laureate of the Scholarship of the General Chancellor of Germany from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2012-2013). Having graduated from St. Petersburg State University named after Baron AL Stieglitz, in 2007, together with Ivan Plyushch and Ilya Gaponov, founded the Open Studio "Unconquered" in St. Petersburg. The first curator of the START project of the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD (season 2008-2009), then - a member of the project's expert council. From 2013 to 2014 art director of the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD.

Project’s curator

Andrew Shental

The co-curator of the Philosophical Club. Critic, theorist, curator and artist. Editor of "Art Magazine", correspondent of the magazine Flash Art