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12 July 2017

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21 January 2021

Winzavod galleries resumes exhibitions from January 22. 

On January 23 the Fine Art Gallery opens the exhibition of Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf "No one does that". Anastasia's works resemble a labyrinth, the scheme of which is very simple, but once inside it is not so easy to get out. 

You can see a meditative exhibition in the pop/off/art "Measuring the emptiness..." until January 28. In her new series of paintings with the poetic title "Measuring the Void by the Simple Touch of Two Lines or..." Shumskaya develops the artistic language of abstraction, in which she has already reached a high level of skill.

The artist's work shows that it is not the news agenda that shapes the statement, but the artist's need to find answers to the questions posed by the practice of painting and art. 

At the Triangle Gallery, one of the pioneers of street art, Kirill Lebedev (Who), attempts to go beyond the established reputation and recognizable style in the exhibition "Few Beeches. And those are redundant." 

Spring 2020 is remembered for its eerie and mesmerizing images of emptied megacities and ironically utopian memes about how "nature has cleared up." The new works of the artist seem to be this pure "nature" of the visual, striving with all its might to "purify" itself from words, because there is no one else to turn to in this desolate world. The artist himself compares his work to abstract expressionism.

In a world of pandemic and depressive moods that have engulfed the whole world, the Totibadze gallery decided to offer its help in salvation - "auxilium liberandum". It's a kind of magical spell, enclosed in artistic images, which will help us cope with the chaos around us.

BIS ART GALLERY is launching Art Shuffle 2.0. The represented artists, whose work BIS ART GALLERY has again shuffled, differ from each other both in their artistic style and outlook, and different life experiences and backgrounds, but they are all united by their distinctiveness and recognizable style. 

13 January 2021

Access to the Digital Earth digital art platform has been extended until February 1!

Virtual platform Digital Earth with 15 works of digital art of Russian artists opened on December 8. 

The Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art Winzavod and re:Store, a chain of Apple equipment stores, present a new project on digital art Digital Earth for the presentation of works by the finalists of the contest, held in autumn 2020. 

Leaders in the field of art and technology, Winzavod and the re:Store have teamed up to popularize modern technologies to make them more accessible and support creative potential. Such symbiosis of art and technology allowed to create a new virtual platform, which has no analogues in Russia

The platform was developed by an international team inspired by game-art. Journey through the virtual space, using the computer game engine, is an independent unlimited experience, where each visitor has the freedom to choose his or her own route to view the exhibition, to immerse himself or herself in the world of each artist, to move between the futuristic parts of the full architectural object of the gallery.

Technically, the idea of Digital Earth turned out to be feasible through the use of the open platform Unreal Engine and Pixel Streaming technology, which provides access to the game platform for a large number of viewers, regardless of the quality of Internet connection. Guests are assisted in navigating the gallery by viewers voiced by artificial intelligence. Sound for space was created by an ITSU audio artist. 

In the galleries 15 works of the finalists of the contest are presented. Among them are artists Julia Alexeenkova, Anna Gantimurova, Roman Golovko, Artem Go, Ales Lyalush, Kirill Zakomoldin, Anastasia Kvariani, Danila Lipatov, Alexey Ryabov, Anna Sapunova, Margarita Trushina, Zaurbek Tsugaev, Ksenia Sharapova, Varya Schuka, the group Gray Cake. 

The best works were selected by the expert council of the contest, which included prominent curators and artists in the field of digital visual art: AES+F, Antonio Geusa and Svetlana Taylor. Selection for the exhibition was one of the main criteria to determine the finalists of the competition. The jury included works created using digital technology: animation, video, painting, works created using computer graphics, neural networks, VR and AR.

13 December 2020
New Media Lab presents 15 finalist projects. New Media Lab is a special project of the Laboratory of Journalism, implemented within the framework of Winzavod. Education, held with the help of a grant fr om the President of the Russian Federation, provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation. 

This is a unique opportunity for the authors to tell about a cultural event and phenomenon in their region with the professional support of project experts. The result is a series of author materials about cultural events and phenomena throughout Russia, created by participants of the Laboratory.

The New Media Lab project consisted of two parts: an online course and an intensive session in Moscow. The main goal of the project is to teach aspiring authors how to work with new media.

Upon completion of the online course, the Lab experts selected the 15 best projects to be realized in the intensive session in Moscow. During the session, participants fine-tuned their projects together with the experts, went through an additional course of lectures and master classes, and published materials on their work on the resources of Winzavod and Laboratory partners.



Alexander Bashmachnikov, "Samara Regional Inclusive Ball"

A unique social and cultural project, uniting children and youth with and without disabilities.

Veronica Elashina, "Dark Tourism"
It is the first interactive map of mystical and mysterious objects of Russia, visiting special places with atypical stories, legends and happened disasters. 


Tatiana Chernoguzova, research on Tatar fashion Your Yool
Author's project, a visual study of the national Tatar fashion, wh ere the author speaks the language of designers, stylists and artists. 


Lukiya Murina, youTube channel about art in Siberia "Evil art critic".

Channel about art in Siberia. Interviews, reports, video sketches, cultural events and rare materials.


Marina Polezhaeva, editorial director of "Kulturno!
A community of young authors who explore the creative environment of Novosibirsk. The authors write about its culture in a broad sense, talk about events, places and people. 


Daria Veselkina, media about social art, inclusion, community work
In 2019, Daria began writing fundraisers about children with serious illnesses. 

Maria Kopylova, articles about street art and monumental art

An attempt to find a connection between street art and monumentalism, which uses the street to make its statement. 


Polina Fischenko, podcast about regional art "Nice town you have".
Podcast with cultural experts about their activities, exhibitions and projects and what problems curators, artists, organizers and cultural workers face. 

Alexandra Tayanchina, longread "Who is changing art in Krasnoyarsk"
Five Krasnoyarsk artists worth coming to Siberia for: Roma Soyda, Sanya Zakirov, Andrey Shmaly, Alexander Blosyak, Yuri Averin. 

St. Petersburg

Elizaveta Svetlova, BIG DEATHCONF conference and series of publications
Two-day conference about death, dying and immortality with reports, lectures, stories and standups.


Daria Kochetova, Link collective blog
A cooperative of authors who write about how to become a subject of cultural life: to write music, create and publish texts, dance and act in theater. 


Tatiana Ryzhkova, "No Drama" postdrama portal
Editors and theatergoers from all over Russia gather announcements, opener-calls and performances - the best and the most otvezhny thing that happens to modern theater right now.
Evgenia Sterlyagova, longread "Transhion-fashion: hopes for upcycling" 

Longread was created for the web zine GG magazin. A conversation with Maria Aligozhina about the poetics of trash, nostalgia and the memory of place, which contains second-hand objects.


Yulia Khazova, zine-almanac "Artem"
Artem is an insider in Omsk art community, and artists and creators tell him the coolest stories of underground life.


Andrey Gurov, online magazine "Muse"
Magazine about student life at creative universities in Russia, its purpose - to tell about the problems of creative universities and help young people in their search for the ideal place to study.


● Kirill Astrakhantsev, journalist, editor of the online magazine SLOWW.

● Olga Belova, editor of the webzine about contemporary art Spectate.

● Bralkova Anna, art historian, editor, and curator.

● Evgeny Gutsal, general producer of the Divico digital agency.

● Davlet-Kildeeva Suyumbike, public relations specialist, editor-in-chief of Cekh, columnist for GQ magazine.

● Yulia Zakharova, editor-in-chief of the Gorky Park newspaper "First Park".

● Anton Kotenev, freelance critic.

● Natalya Kryuchkova, correspondent of the federal news agency TASS.

● Obrazumov Alexander, artist, editor.

● Yuri Omelchenko, blogger, creator of the ARTPatrol program.

● Palatkina Daria, editor of the Big Museum project.

● Parshikov Andrey, curator of the V-A-C Foundation and tutor of the Winzavod Open Studios.

● Katya Pyslar, researcher, art historian.

● Savenkov Andrei, correspondent of Sputnik News Agency.

● Saminskaya Irina, Head of Projects at the Winzavod Contemporary Art Support Foundation.

● Yurichuk Daria, researcher of visual culture, art historian, choreographer.