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New layer on the WALL: "Conscience"

09 December 2018
A new layer "Conscience" by Moscow artist Julia Vanifateva appeared on the WALL. Her works are built on the opposition of an uncompromising and unvarnished street culture - the gloss culture, with its gloss, well-being and fanatical cult of plastic beauty. Harsh statements and emotionally expressive characters come into confrontation with a pink color, which we are accustomed to be considered naive, girlish and sentimental. 

Yulia Vanifatieva chose the words of the classic of the silver age, Alexander Blok as an epigraph and the starting point of her work: “The human conscience encourages a person to look for the best and helps him sometimes to give up the old, cozy, sweet, but dying and decaying - in favor of the new, at first uncomfortable and unfriendly, but promising a new life.”

About WALL project 

The WALL (means «the wall» in Russian) project is an artistic space that gives a chance to get acquainted with the actual street artists.  

The WALL project moved to Winzavod from The Red October in 2010. During the existence of this project, some of the most famous graffiti artists from Russia presented their works: Alexey Kallima, Kirill Kto, CHTAK, Pasha 183, Timofei Radya. Creative association "Artmossfera" supervised the WALL in the summer of 2016 and 2017. During this time, with the support of association, graffiti artists Ivan Nainty, Andrei Vedro and graffiti team Letme presented themselves. Now the association "Artmossfera" is engaged in the art program of the WALL on a regular basis.