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Laboratory of Art Criticism has published the second issue of the Termite Bulletin

26 July 2019
The new issue of the Termite Bulletin is built around the theme of the reactionary in a modern artistic and cultural field. In the texts included in the collection, the authors, participants of the first Laboratory of Art Criticism 2018-2019, analyze the origins of the reactionary and its consequences for the present.

The Bulletin is accompanied by translations by contemporary critics and philosophers. While the first issue includes works by Alain Badiou, Vilém Flusser and others, the second issue includes texts by Boris Buden, Ana Teixeira Pinto and Benjamin Buchloh. The preface to the issue is written by Boris Klyushnikov, and the editor-in-chief is Anatoly Osmolovsky.

The artist's project for the second Bulletin was the work of Alec Petouk of the nine original sheets of OIL, in the genre of interactive graphic history, was prepared specifically for the second issue of Termite magazine, in early 2019.

The author wanted to do a critical work in relation to Anatoly Osmolovsky's series "The Signal War" in the first issue of the Bulletin. Criticism here is achieved through the chosen medium, which plays with the format of the publication. The reader is invited to get in touch with the pages of the magazine - to bend, cut, glue and tear biological material.

The first issue of the Bulletin is publicly available on
link (

For more information about the delivery of the Bulletin to the regions, please contact us at

The Bulletin is a printed edition of the Art Critics Laboratory, which accumulates the results of each trimester. A total of three Bulletins are planned to be published in each Laboratory.