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How to find us
Administration: +7 (495) 917 46 46, + 7 (495) 917 17 99
Lease: +7 (495) 023 28 57
Ticket Office: + 7 (495) 917 17 99

February workshops
in Creative Workshops for any age

18 February — 25 February 2019
6 Creative Workshops for all ages

February workshops
in Creative Workshops for any age

What we will do during the week:

We will construct houses, cars, bows, swords and other weapons from cardboard — this is for boys! We will try to paint with real oil paints, each will create his own picture (everyone will succeed with our painting teacher, even if the child has never painted much) and the pleasure of painting and painting with oil is huge, believe me! Be sure to plow the clay and paint our works with engobes. Blind mug for dad. In general, this time we will prepare gifts for dads, brothers and grandfathers, because soon - on February 23.

We cook fragrant soap, make beautiful brooches-animals, badges and handbags for phones. We will learn how to sew funny piglets and print postcards on a linocut machine. We will paint bags, make and decorate bird feeders so that you and your child could hang the feeder in the yard or in the park over the weekend, support the birds until spring.
On one of the days, we are sure to open for all the Chocolate and Candy Factory for the production and packaging of delicious and very beautiful white and milk chocolate candies and candies of various shapes!

To enroll in the "February workshops", send an email to

specify the name, surname, age of the child;

your name and surname, contact phone number;

dates you want to sign up for.

You can bring a child to us in the morning, for a full day - before work, for half a day or for several hours. For your convenience, we work from 8:30 am on weekdays during school holidays.