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"Return to the sea"

09 January
19:00 — 20:00
9 START Project

"Return to the sea"

Artists Nastya Aineanung and Dasha Abdullina will present the “Return to the Sea” happening in the pop-up format of the project START.

“This is a travel exhibition. We will lead you to a special place. This is the point of intersection of our worlds, where for various reasons we want to return. Today we do it. Today is our holiday. We have already been here, and more than once - in our dreams, so numerous that they confront us more real than any reality. We know this place like the back of our hand. We can easily find the way to it even with our eyes closed. Yes, that is exactly what we are doing. It smells of summer heat, heated room in the sun. It smells of warm cherry and mulberry. We leave the house. Large and small stones, ants and praying mantis, almond and apricot trees, olive and acacia. Washed fruit in our beach bag. Cats tracks in asphalt. Gods and heroes of ancient Greece with spots on the pages. House of Culture, shop "Snowball", market, pharmacy, bread stall, the ruins of the cinema. We go marsh, burnt grass. The hard stems bend under the leg and unbend again. We go barefoot, afraid to step on the wasp, afraid to disturb the beetle. We touch the tops of the inflorescences with our hand and we know that this is for real. Yes, this time is for real. The sun falls into the water like a red-hot copper coin. Here we come. How long have we not been here! How we missed. But now it's finally over. We're home. We are where we come from. Our soul knows it. We go down to the edge of the shore and touch our palms to the water. We haven't seen each other for so long. Let me hug you. We hug the sea, and the sea hugs us. Here our path ends. Here everyone experiences a personal meeting with the sea and remains one on one with him ”- Daria Abdullina, Nastya Aineanung.

Happening will be held at the START.

Collection of guests at 18:30, beginning at 19:00.