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History of the country in the photos of the magazine Ogoniok. 1899 - 1985. Part I

17 April
19:30 — 21:00
14 Red Hall

History of the country in the photos of the magazine Ogoniok. 1899 - 1985. Part I

Lecture-discussion “History of the country in the photos of the magazine Ogoniok. Part II” will be held at Winzavod center for contemporary art on April 17. The event is a part of a parallel program of the anniversary exhibition Best of Russia.

Among the speakers — photographers Mark Shteinbock and Yuri Feklistov, ex-director of "Ogoniok" Natalia Udartseva and Nikolai Rakhmanov, a legendary photojournalist, the photos of which were published in the magazine for decades. Participants of the event will discuss "Ogoniok" of the 80's and 90's and will show photos, that have become iconic.

During Perestroika "Ogoniok" bacame the voice of the publicity. The popularity of "Ogoniok" was astonishing: its circulation grew from 1.5 to 4.5 million copies, and at the editorial office there were bags of letters from readers.

About the lecturers:

Natalia Udartseva is a Russian journalist, photo editor, founder and director of the School of visual arts, a member of an international Association of journalists and the Union of photographers of Russia.

Nikolai Rakhmanov is a recognized classic of Soviet photojournalism. He collaborated with leading illustrated editions of the Soviet Union and Russia. The main theme of Rakhmanov's creativity throughout his life has been Moscow and the Moscow Kremlin. He is an author of more than 80 books and photo albums.

Yuri Feklistov is a photojournalist, worked for "Ogoniok" magazine in 1988-2001. He is known as the youngest classic in the Russian history of photography.

Mark Shteinbock is a photojournalist, worked for "Ogoniok" in 1987-2002. He worked in hot spots, was wounded in the assault of Ostankino in October 1993. Mark shot Joseph Brodsky, Dzhokhar Dudayev, a serial killer Chikatilo and many others, the first rock concerts and flash mobs, queues for vodka and the slaughter of reindeers in Kamchatka. Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of photographers of Russia, author of "What I saw" and a photo album "Residence permit".

About Best of Russia:

Best of Russia is an incomparable project, which involves both famous photographers and the beginners. Each year the photo contest was held in several nominations. The best shots, selected during anonymous jury voting, were published in a catalogue and were presented at the Best of Russia exhibition. Over one million people have visited the Best of Russia project within ten years, almost 300,000 photographs and tens of thousands of authors took part in the competition.

The curator and the head of the project — Lina Krasnyanskaya.