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Yoel Regev
General line

29 November
20:00 — 22:00
15 Vintage Hall

Yoel Regev
General line

In the Vintage Hall on November 29 at 20:00, will be held Yoel Regev’s Lecture "The General Line .

Politicians of the time, multi-temporality of the new media, multiplicity of the past, destruction of the prison of time with the help of hyperversion: from all sides we are surrounded by talk about the non-linear nature of time and the possibility of changing the past.

Nevertheless, these conversations inevitably run into our own deepest skepticism. Inside us there seems to be an instance, forcing them to be perceived as not quite serious, as belonging only to interpretation, as true only with one or another reservation.
What is this instance? Is it possible to overcome its action? Can past change activities move from popular culture and speculative theory to everyday practice?
How to complete the interrupted revolution of New Time - the revolution, as a result of which we gained power over time only by half, being split into two parts, acting behind us?

The lecture is dedicated to answering these questions.

We will touch on the history of theoretical attempts to substantiate the possibility of influencing the past, such as the theory of "mastering the time" by Valerian Muravyov and the techno-magic of Nick Land and the group CCRU.
The fundamental half-heartedness of these attempts will be opposed to the project of radical tejing: over-cutting activities and mixing time series.

Only the speculative intervention of co-sedentary philosophy creates the basis for this kind of activity to cease to be the property of utopian dreams and dark prophecies and to become real. Kabbalistic Bolshevism versus Lemurian Magic: this is the main standoff defining the current agenda.

Admission is free, upon prior request for the event
Come to the Winery and personally meet Yoel Regiev, or connect to the online broadcast and watch a lecture from anywhere in the world via the link -

Yoel Regev - Ph.D. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). He graduated from the postdoctorate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Catholic University in Leuven.

Currently - Associate Professor at the European University in St. Petersburg. The main area of scientific interest is the history of modern philosophy, speculative realism and materialistic dialectics.