Winzavod CCA
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Group exhibition

28 May — 02 June 2019
22 Winzavod's pop-up space

Group exhibition

Have you ever thought about a warm, windless evening about overcoming the boundaries of the ordinary and finding yourself in the magical world of exciting imagination - Wonderland? About what is needed for this ... Desire? Fantasy? Abstract thinking? May 28 - June 2, in the pop-up space of the Winzavod, ARTIS PROJECT presents works by artists devoted to the themes of magic in our life and the place where magic originates and reigns - Wonderland. Each artist of our exhibition has managed to find such a “secret door” to the world of wonders and invites you to make this amazing journey.

The pictures will be your silent guides in the mysterious "outland" - Wonderland - and allow you to see the image of a familiar city, the outlines of distant countries, the images of the inhabitants and animals inhabiting them in fantastic colors, unexpected shapes and volumes. In this magical country, created by artists with love and care, the wonders of nature from all over the world are harmoniously combined with man-made masterpieces, mirages of fantasy materialize, come to life and acquire matter and flesh.