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Weld Queen
Choice and polyethylene

24 May — 23 June 2019
22 Fine Art Gallery

Weld Queen
Choice and polyethylene

On the Moscow art scene, you can often see a green-eyed, brown-haired girl in a coarsely woven tunic and a helmet with a raised visor. The maiden warrior, Pallas Athena - this is the image that immediately appears in the mind when meeting with her. Surprisingly, this image is as metaphorical as it is real. Pallas Athena, in addition to military science, patronizes craftsmanship, crafts, art, Alexandra Weld Queen perfectly mastered the profession of her father - metal welding and began to create her sculptures using this method. The source material — coarse industrial metal fittings — becomes obedient in the hands of the Weld Queen, and the welding mask creates the illusion of a Greek goddess's helmet.

The Weld Queen project includes 9 “transparent” sculptures, of which only one — the girl’s figure — is static, the rest are able to move. The kinetics of objects is due to the ability of the viewer to manipulate them. Sculptures are based on the rocking chair principle. The entire installation is interactive, each viewer can enter the object, sit down and begin to swing. And then a very provocative picture emerges. The fact is that sculptures welded from metal rods are semi-reclining human figures that rest on semicircular runners. Having decided to swing, the spectator sits as if on a sculpture's belly, leaning back on her half-bent knees. The figures themselves are conditional sculptural portraits of quite specific people, specially chosen by the author as models for this project. Sculptural portraits are located one by one on the object - a girl, a young man, or in pairs - a girl and a young man, two girls, two boys. Only 8 kinetic sculptures containing 11 characters. For the viewer - the choice of the object. At the behest of the visitors, the sculptures will rock, will roll quickly, slowly - as the viewer decides, and the whole system will come to life. And only the figure of the girl in the center of the action remains static.