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Protey Temen
Uncertain Praxis

04 December — 15 January 2019
19 11.12 Gallery
04 December —
15 January 2019
19 11.12 Gallery
Work hours:

12:00 — 20:00



Protey Temen
Uncertain Praxis

Protei Temen. Uncertain Praxis. December 4 - January 15 At the end of the first academic year, the Inner School of Open Studies, an interdisciplinary art project dedicated to the study of the interaction of particles in time and space, was held summer homework at the art residence of the gallery Aperto Raum (Berlin). Berlin). The result of the lessons was a series of 123 short videos of optional experiments without a formulated task. Methodical practice as a method of eradicating the meaning of the message. The formal basis of the process was the transfer of selected elements of the graphic language of past school sessions into physical form, with the corresponding characteristics of physical bodies. At the end of the work, the results were presented with a documentary exhibition. For the second part of the project demonstration in the gallery 11.12, the Uncertain Praxis set of elements will be supplemented with materials for analyzing the previously obtained results, as well as the structure of the emerging laboratory itself as an independent space. The combination of media, format dialogue, unfolding space, the possibility of consideration, a premonition of meaning.