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Jan Ginsburg

16 April — 05 May 2019
22 Osnova Gallery

Jan Ginsburg

The exhibition of Jan Ginzburg “Sovpis” continues a series of his projects dedicated to the writer and nonconformist artist Joseph Ginzburg. Appeal to the biography and creativity of Joseph gives Jan the keys to new readings of various aspects of Soviet and post-Soviet culture. As a starting point for the “Sovpis” exhibition, Jan was served by the following episode: in 1974, Joseph sent copies of his collection of aphorisms to addresses from the directory of Soviet writers. After some time, he phoned all of his addressees by collecting and publishing their opinions: bewildered, sympathetic, scared, moralistic, enthusiastic, mocking. These records, like the aphorisms themselves, have never been published before - but you can read them at the exhibition.

Jan Ginzburg is a Russian artist, author of installations. He graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art.
The artistic practice of Jan Ginzburg, which is a non-canonical example of working with memory in Russian modern art, belongs to the discourse of archival impulse, the key one for the international aesthetic context of recent years. By building a dialogue with an artist or analyzing an artistic phenomenon — most often the history of art or aesthetic theories is the focus of Ginzburg’s attention — the author marks out the prerequisites and traces of the processes of artistic production.