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Konstantin Zvezdochetov
Hello from Moscow

22 December — 20 February 2019
5 XL Gallery
22 December —
20 February 2019
5 XL Gallery
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13:00 — 20:00



Konstantin Zvezdochetov
Hello from Moscow

December 22 Gallery XL opens an exhibition of Moscow artist Konstantin Zvezdochetov "Hello from Moscow", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the gallery. The exposition will feature a large-scale installation of the author, as well as almost three dozen chamber works created by him specifically for the round date. According to Zvezdochetov, the gallery XL turned into a landscape: the columns became milestones, and one of the walls was half-closed with a decoration depicting a road stretching into the distance. Above it is a solemn portrait of the "Tsar", framed by imperial flags. There are smaller works on the walls: portraits resembling old black and white photographs, and “advertising posters” with talking names. The material of these works is mostly “waste”: this is a regular cardboard (for example, according to the artist, a shoebox under the shoes went to the material for one of the works). Other works are made on canvas, a few more - on hardboard. The new exposition also has an interactive part: anyone can “get into the place” of the characters of Zvezdochetov, made in the popular print style on two plywood boards with slots for faces.