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Vladimir Kartashov
"Come and see me"

24 January — 26 February 2017
9 START Project

Vladimir Kartashov
"Come and see me"


From January 24, 2017 to February 26, 2017 in the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD within the project of supporting young art START will host an exhibition of the Novosibirsk artist Vladimir Kartashov "Come to see me". 

The gallery space for a month will turn into an open studio: the painter will create his work day after day, in front of the viewer filling the walls of the START monumental fresco in the technique of tempera painting. The result of the project will be painting, which will unite the traditions of the Soviet monumental art of the 20th century and post-graffiti. 

In the sketches of the future painting, antiquity adjoins the Middle Ages and modern times. In the process of Vladimir Kartashov on the walls will appear scenes from the life of the heroes of the "new time", existing simultaneously in several quasi-historical strata. Throughout everyday life, with its recognizable symbolism of mass culture, half-mythical images of the past break through - antique columns are wrapped around barbed wire, and centaurs in motorcycle helmets skip the streets of the cities of the future. 

Vladimir Kartashov, artist: "The history of art does not go away - it is phantom in me, everywhere are visible fragments of great empires and great styles. I walk along the gray, planned streets, I go into the dark porches, look into the murky windows, and I live the story of my medium. " 

Eclectic themes and plots - one of the main characteristics of Vladimir Kartashov's painting.

Kiril Preobrazhensky, curator of the START project: "This is a mixture of the style of total painting and salon street art, a journey based on revolutionary Latin American art; a mix of subconscious influences and traditions of monumental painting of the XX-XXI centuries beginning with Diego Rivera and ending with Swoon ». 

About the artist: 

Vladimir Kartashov was born in 1997 in the city of Novosibirsk. Studied at the Novosibirsk Art College with a degree in Painting. Participant of group regional exhibitions.