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Parallels, XX-XXI centuries.

10 June — 15 June 2019
6 ArtLitfund

Parallels, XX-XXI centuries.

From 10 to 15 June, an exhibition-dialogue of two paintings, “Parallels, XX-XXI centuries”, will take place in the ArtLitfond. This is a sensational event when a masterpiece of national culture will take part in the performance of contemporary artists.

The biggest work of the auction “Litfond”, which will be held on June 15, and perhaps one of the most monumental works in the work of Alexander Osmerkin, the great “Bubnovalelets” artist, is the painting “M.I. Kalinin at the "Sickle and Hammer" factory, created by him around 1931 in the amount of 215 x 436 cm, will take part in the performance. In the ArtLitfond space at Winzavod, a group of contemporary artists will create another monumental canvas entitled “The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation visits the factory on the moon in 2031”

Osmerkin's painting is a finished work of the museum level, and the second will be created during these five days by artists. You can watch the process and admire Osmerkin's monumental canvas during the entire time they are displayed at Winzavod.