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Alina Brovina
Palus Florens

05 March — 07 April 2019
9 START Project

Alina Brovina
Palus Florens

The fourth exhibition of the anniversary season of the START project will be Palus Florens by artist Alina Brovina under the supervision of Olga Deryugina.

Alina Brovina, set designer and artist, in her project, studies the ecosystem of one typical Moscow court in which she lives. In the center of attention of the artist - two beds, one of which is followed by the management company, and the other - residents of the yard.

“A flower bed as a form of organization of life — not only initiated by man, but also limited in its development — paradoxically perceived by residents as an object-in-itself, withdrawn from everyday communications. A fence defines an object for observation and control, but not interaction. In the exhibition space, the artist simultaneously exaggerates and overturns similar logic. Alina recreates a flower bed of plasticine and places it on a pedestal - indicating the fragility and adaptability of plants to environmental conditions, as well as the man-made nature of the front garden”, says the curator Olga Deryugina.

The exhibition will be complemented by a program of discussions and a new format Pop-up, launched specifically for the anniversary year. As part of the START Pop-up, 1000Morceaux screening, Nastya Aineanung and Dasha Abdullina's “Return to the Sea” happenstance show and Sasha Puchkova’s Media Addiction performance were performed. In collaboration with designers, directors, choreographers, performers, theater troupes, musicians and many others, the artists of the START project will have the opportunity to present their work in an augmented form. To participate in the Pop-up, please fill out the form.

About curator

Olga Deriugina (born in 1991 in Saratov) - member of the art group "Daisies", an independent curator, explores digital media and interdisciplinary practices, is a member of the team of the independent contemporary art magazine; the creator of the telegram channel "Anthropocene Digest".

About the artist

Alina Brovina (born 1987 in Moscow) - set designer and artist, working at the intersection of theater and modern art. Explores topics related to the experience of socially rejected characters: the homeless, mothers in isolation with children, immigrants, women who do not accept themselves.