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Alina Glazun and Ivan Simonov

24 April — 27 May 2018
22 Triangle Gallery

Alina Glazun and Ivan Simonov

Gallery Δ Triangle is pleased to present a double solo exhibition of young artists Alina Glazun, (born in Zelenograd in 1988, lives and works in Moscow) and Ivan Simonov # small people (born in 1991, lives and works in Moscow). For both artists this is the first exhibition in a commercial gallery. Alina Glazun's exhibition recently took place in the Smirnov and Sorokin Foundation in Moscow, and Ivan Simonov in March was awarded the prize for the best photo in the All-Russian contest The Best of Russia, held every year by the Winery.

Feeling, when reality does not coincide with expectations, is familiar to everyone. Artists take from reality that which corresponds to its most disturbing property - unexpectedness. Therefore, the works of artists or artistic gestures are unique: they can not be foreseen and reproduced.

The aesthetics of sculptures by Alina Glazun is based on a combination of pop art and Dada. Absurdity and beauty are the classic recipe for victory over the existential crisis in the off-season and, at the same time, over the dead-end situations in art. Sculptures of a small size accommodate fabulous landscapes, enchanting scenes filled with words and fragments of nature. Alina Glazun's works have a rare quality - wit without arrogance, balance on the verge of good and bad taste, and allow to focus thoughts on the magical emptiness of the focus after the exposure of the focus immediately after its execution. There are practically no daily, social and political problems in them. This is a conscious position of the artist and her aesthetic choice - someone watches Channel One, and someone - Animal Planet.

Specially for the exhibition Ivan Simonov created a series of works on canvas, which is a continuation of his large project "# small people" (Instagram: @malenkielydi).

Small people, more accurately printed figures of people photographed by Ivan on the streets, can now be found not only on the walls of houses, but also in the gallery. The topic of the statement in the artist's new works is the state of modern society, the zombie mass media. People who represent the presence of reality seem to be more alive than those seen from the screens. Art proves more convincing than media, television in particular. It literally shows the distant, while the work of the artist interacts with the audience here and now.

Although the themes of the artists' works are different, they are united by interest in objectivity and the creation of a kind of scenography designed to involve the viewer. Sculptures by Alina Glazun are very tactile and give birth to a desire to play with them. Little Simonov's people are dragged into their world of changed dimensions, and touching the political and social context, evoke in the game a game of dolls or soldiers. Although spectators are not invited to interact directly with the work, they become participants in the reality that art creates and that extends beyond the works themselves.