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Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf
From holiday to holiday

11 April — 20 May 2018
22 “Fine Art” Gallery
11 April —
20 May 2018
22 “Fine Art” Gallery
Work hours:

13:00 — 20:00



Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf
From holiday to holiday

"Salute" - the central work of this project, reflecting two opposites in a series of days, months, years of human life. It's holidays and everyday life. In this work, Anastasia applied her skilful composition technique, creating a sense of the vastness of space that fills most of the canvas. The picture is deserted, only in its bottom in the darkness of the night on the front line a close-up view of a window sill with binoculars and an apple stump on a plate. In the distance, on the line of the horizon, flashbacks of the salute are seen, there a holiday, through the haze of range, lights the city, finely depicted below. Anastasia sparingly uses color, but tonal gradation of grayish-bluish allows her to give a lot of nuances and meanings to the plot. Alas, the holiday is far from the ordinary, everyday life of the owners of the windowsill.

"If you imagine the structure of everyday life of an ordinary person," says Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf, "they, as a rule, are looped in the" from holiday to holiday "scheme. That is, from one interesting and bright event - through a series of gray and similar one another day - until the next, "well-deserved" holiday, fun. " It should be noted that Kuznetsova-Ruf is busy not only with the solution of purely plastic tasks, she acts partly as a mentor before her audience. So, in the project "Do not miss" (2013) Anastasia shows how building grandiose plans and air locks, a person can miss life itself, and at the exhibition "Growth Point" (2015), she proves the need for a constant evolution of personality. It seems that now the artist speaks of a contemporary who is most afraid of getting bogged down in everyday life, everyday works, boredom and hopelessness described so symbolically by DA Prigov: "Only you will wash the dishes / look - the new lies / What freedom is there / old age to live. " Weekdays Kuznetsova-Ruf (Head-I, Head-II, Head-III, Incoming call, Headless rider, Rudder, Octopus, Apples) is brighter than her holidays (Salute, Old New Year, Tsar-fish, Over the edge, On the jamon, Eyeball). Girls - heroines of everyday pictures are exposed, their bodies are full of energy, life and beauty. The bodies of girls are voluminous, their mean colors in the subtlest nuances of shades of brown are opposed to the whiteness of the surrounding space. From under the hands of the girls (Napor-I, II, III) under pressure, paint bursts out, scattering crimson, yellow, green bright splashes, creating a feeling of salute, a holiday.

"As a child, a holiday is a happy day, someone invented and organized and fun can consist simply of trifles" (A. Kuznetsova-Ruf). A lovely girl looks in a telescope or all disappeared behind a plate with some yummy. In the works of Anastasia, children's characters are especially touching. "For an adult - a holiday is an incentive to live and move on. For some, this is a happy event in the future, for others it can be a real joy - tasty food, love, communication with the child, etc.) "(A. Kuznetsova-Ruf). "Holidays" A. Kuznetsova-Ruf or black and white, or in their images, she contrasts various shades of light or whiteness to dark or black, brownish, gray. "Weekdays" in the works of A. Kuznetsova-Ruf are filled with movement, energy, pleasure to live. Her holidays are self-same, intrafamily. In them, the peace and tenderness of loved ones, loving people.

Irina Filatova