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Susan Nguyen, Valery Pesin, Galina Yereshchuk

21 January — 28 February 2020
22 ARTIS Gallery

Susan Nguyen, Valery Pesin, Galina Yereshchuk


At all times nature has been a source of inspiration and emotion for man: delight, peace, fear, sorrow... The landscape was formed into an independent genre of painting only by the beginning of the 16th century, and the surrounding world turned fr om the background into the central object of the image. Claude Lorraine, William Turner, Isaac Levitan developed the landscape genre, filling it with psychology, conveying by nature the mood, idea, thought.

20th century artists more often gravitated towards the aesthetics of cities, their energy and endlessly bubbling life. The passion of nature has been relegated to the background. However, modern environmental disasters and pollution problems, the monotony of "stone jungle" and fatigue fr om life in the metropolis forced artists to revisit the theme of nature.

Susan Nguyen, Valery Pesin and Galina Yereshchuk, the artists whose works are on display, turn to this theme and reveal it according to their own vision.

Susan Nguyen, an artist of Vietnamese origin, will present at the exhibition works from the "Ephemeric Green" project, which is dedicated to the disappeared part of the forest in the Moscow region, wh ere the girl spent her childhood. Susan creates paintings based on old photographs and her own memories, emphasizing the ephemerality of subjects with fuzzy silhouettes and blurred lines. The colour scheme conveys the atmosphere of a mysterious forest thicket, shrouded in the haze of a forest path, wh ere the viewer is invited to take a walk.

Valery Pesin combines in his work the classical tradition of European landscape and elements of Eastern art. He aims to convey the harmony of elements and nature. Thin color transitions, exquisite shades are combined in his works with a precise compositional structure and the ease inherent in the hieroglyphs. Valery's works are filled with air, they are light and weightless as a stroke of a calligrapher's hand.

The active surface in Galina Yereshchuk's works conveys the contrast between the hardness of stones and the flowability of water. With the help of strokes the artist moulds the shape and creates the relief of the stony coast. Complex coloristic solution, variety of tones, deep colors will make the viewer to look closely into the canvases, plunge into the process of contemplation akin to what a man is experiencing, being at the seashore.