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Group exhibition
Fragile things

11 December — 28 January 2019
22 Osnova Gallery
11 December —
28 January 2019
22 Osnova Gallery
Work hours:

13:00 — 19:00



Group exhibition
Fragile things

We present to your attention the new project "Fragile Things" - a collective exhibition of artists working with clay and ceramics. Today, ceramics is increasingly becoming a partial or main focus of the practice of many current artists, claiming to be an equal medium of modern art. The works presented at the exhibition, “fragile things,” are also not a celebration of ceramics as a genre in themselves, but represent a story about objects and memory. Maurice Halbwaks - one of the first researchers of historical collective memory, wrote: “Our material environment keeps the imprint of ourselves and other people. Our house - the furniture and its arrangement, the interior of the rooms, remind us of relatives and friends that we have often seen here. ” Following his theories and looking around him, it is easy to find objects with special value and symbolic meaning that the owner has given them. Considering them, touching them, we can resurrect in ourselves memories of stories from a personal past, or, conversely, endow the objects themselves with stories, revealing in them a reflection of collective memory.