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Sasha Zubritskaya

22 January — 24 February 2019
9 START Project

Sasha Zubritskaya

The third exhibition of the anniversary season of the START project will be Frozen by artist Sasha Zubritskaya under the supervision of Lizaveta Matveyeva.

Within the jubilee season, START presented the site to four young curators. Nikolay Smirnov and Ilya Smirnov made their choice in the first half of the season, during 2019 Lizaveta Matveyeva and Olga Deriugina will present young artists.

Sasha Zubritskaya, a member of the St. Petersburg group North-7, collects objects fr om the urban environment for a personal exhibition. It unites its “finds” into new objects: a fence in the forest; transparent container filled with lighters; frozen time in the hourglass; nets for catching crumbling plaster. The artist interprets and relives her emotions through the conservation of the objects found. The installation is complemented by multimedia formats: video, photo, gif-animation.

“The exhibition of Sasha Zubritskaya Frozen is a series of documented evidence of locked affect. The project subjects an obsessive desire that is impossible to find any way out. Submitted objects - a system of signs or evidence; a number of signatures indicating the absence of Things. This is a place of shortage, wh ere desire is exacerbated by inaccessibility, and is caught up, frozen in its manifestation”, explains curator Lizaveta.

About curator

Lizaveta Matveeva is the project manager of the international organization CEC ArtsLink, one of the founders of the independent artist-run of contemporary art fairs, the curator of the annual SAM Fair at the Museum of Street Art in St. Petersburg and the curator of independent projects. He writes and advises on the St. Petersburg environment of contemporary art.

About the artist

Sasha Zubritskaya is a member of the collective of the self-organized feminist library “Feminfoteka” and group projects of the art association North-7. She speaks publicly, makes zines, works with graphics, objects, video installations.

About the site START

A special project to support young artists has been operating since 2008 - during this time more than 60 solo exhibitions of young artists have been implemented. Also, START conducts a portfolio review in Russian cities and collaborates with residences around the world.