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Olga Yarutina
The Essay on the Pig

05 March — 05 April 2019
22 Fine Art Gallery

Olga Yarutina
The Essay on the Pig


The Essay on the Pig is a conceptual project by Olga Yarutina consisting of 12 paintings, an object and 24 text comments to them. Novice artist Olga Yarutina is a young beautiful woman, successful in business and family life. However, all this was not enough for her, and she began to seriously study the fine arts. This project is the first in its biography. What served as the impetus for such a bold decision is evident fr om her work. The project is social, reveals the painful aspects of the life of society, based on consumerism.

Depicted by the artist is imbued with ironic sarcasm over the insignificance of human aspirations for more and more consumerism and enrichment, which makes the pictures not seem bleak, but make us smile, think and try to make our lives more spiritual and noble. The heroes of all the pictures are pigs. Indeed, now is the Year of the Pig, and the author unfolds a real theater in front of the audience, where the actors are pigs personifying the basic mortal sins - pride (vanity), greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony, laziness. The pigs themselves are very conditional, decorative and resemble money piggy banks, mostly Chinese, filling the souvenir markets of the whole world. Greed, very clearly demonstrate the work "Happiness", "Budget" - more and more money, money, goods, products ... ... Here it is the happiness and pride of owning. The sin of gluttony is evident in the "Budget", as well as in the work "And to the people ...", wh ere the hero ate everything, leaving the people miserable scraps. Parallels, allusions require no explanation. Modern "Eve" does not seek to taste from the fruit of knowledge lying in front of her, do not hesitate to nudity, she exudes lust. Full of vanity "Traveler", lined with souvenirs from different countries and cities with their star objects, the historical significance of which seems to be "washed out", and they themselves turn into souvenirs for tourists. But not only famous objects lose their value, historical events - significant, grandiose are replaced with false and used by rough political propaganda - the work “The Shadow of Victory”.

Despite the seriousness of the author's concept, the project “Essay on the Pig” is funny, entertaining and full of humor, and the heroes of the pig are funny cartoon creatures. It is also worth noting the beautiful commentary texts written by art critics Raisa Krivich and Elizaveta Zhurova.

Irina Filatova.