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Fox echo

16 April — 25 May 2019
22 Triangle Gallery

Fox echo

Gallery "Triangle" is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in a private gallery of street artist Ksusha Poslushai - "Fox echo". The exhibition consists of wall images, paintings, graphics, and small objects that recreate and retell images and plots that have appeared and disappeared in different urban locations over the past few years.

The head of the fox, which is found here and there in different Moscow districts, is well known to many. It serves as an arrow, a label, an emblem and at the same time is an artistic character who, together with the artist, is experiencing the experience of mastering urban space.

Fox by Ksusha Poslushai can meet in the city at any unexpected moment, and the passerby witnesses her presence and the fleeting messages she leaves behind. No one will reveal her true intentions, the author only broadcasts its echoes. In one of the works, Fox herself asks the author the question “Why are you drawing me?”.

The fox as an artist's alter ego helps his author explore the city’s body, observe it, and interact with an immense unpredictable environment. Fox as a sign in urban space disappears like a trace in the snow: here it is painted over by utilities, there other graffiti and tags overlap. Listen reacts differently: it confuses the tracks and distracts, it is inspired by this game and is included in the adventure, continuing to follow over the painted over and draw in the city its endless "cartoon".