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Valery Chtak and Kirill Kryuchkov

23 October — 30 November 2018
22 Triangle Gallery

Valery Chtak and Kirill Kryuchkov

Triangle Gallery is pleased to present in its space a joint project of Valery Chtak and

Kirill Kryuchkov “Two”, which was first introduced at the DSC Zarya in Vladivostok.

Curator Alice Bagdonayte

The artist fr om Vladivostok Kirill Kryuchkov (b. 1989) is primarily known for his work on

the street; fonts, inscriptions, layering, patches are found as painted on them

city ​​walls, and in his easel works. Kryuchkova cares about nature and

ecology, he seeks to live in harmony with the Earth and the environment and reconciles

people with a difficult landscape of life, his work is characterized by humanistic

utopian scenes. Colored mosaics and drawings in the cityscape serve

“Landscaping”, switching gloomy urban landscapes to “improved” places

for life by playing with space and colored paint.

Valery Chtak (b. 1981), a prominent figure in the Moscow scene, works with monochrome

palette, combining images and text and turning to philosophy, philology and cultural

studies. Painting Chtaka applies to canvases, found objects and walls; in his

works include quotes, aphorisms, repetitive images, text puzzles and

semantic units in different languages. Any space created by Chtak

acquires a complex volume in which the disparate elements suddenly appear as parts

one complex immersive cipher. For Chtak, this is his second visit to Vladivostok, where he

already did a site-specific exhibition-installation “Crab inside” as part of the residence in

Zare in 2016.

Methods and plasticity of Chtak and Kryuchkov are quite different, but both are confident that they will succeed

exhibition-dialogue-improvisation. In Zarya, this is not the first exhibition of artists who

coincided on the "vibe", but never worked together before. For Dawn, this exhibition is not

Only a plastic experiment, but also a way to support a few

Vladivostok artists who are quite difficult to overcome tightness

local art scene.

“Art is a state of meeting,” said art critic and curator Nicolas.

Burrio. We live in a world where signs, symbols and images incline us towards certain

actions are commercialized. All of us are destined to certain routes and

"Communication zone". When the architecture of life does not provide for us to exit with

certain routes, despite the development of technical means of communication, our

opportunities for communication are limited. So, beyond certain

circumstances, artists from different parts of the continent would never have met and never

would join in the conversation.

The objective of this project is to pave new ways for communication and to bring out all sides of this.

conversation beyond the boundaries prescribed by the circumstances. Signs, symbols, images and

emblems can also facilitate communication and sharing of experience with others. Wh ere

art serves as a pretext for dialogue, a reason for changing our attitude towards life,

we are talking not only about the conversation of some "two", but about the inclusion of all the participants in the conversation,

including viewers who are in the time-space of the exhibition.

“Two” is not so much dialogue, addition or multiplication, but exponentiation

number of interpretations, ways to look at the context differently and influence our

perception of the world.