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Artyom Goloschcapov
"Audience for the observer"

06 March — 08 April 2018
9 START Project

Artyom Goloschcapov
"Audience for the observer"


Exhibition of artist Artyom Goloshchapov "Audience for the odserver" will open at START Project space at CCA Winzavod on March 6. The project explores the images of the main characters of post-Soviet cinema. The exposition is represented by three-part video, with video-collage and desktop-movie techniques.

Video project of the artist Artem Goloschapov is devoted to the study of the key heroes of the mass cinema of the last thirty years - to the heroes of semi-marginal and semi-criminal character. These images are the main archetypes of self-consciousness of the post-Soviet period. Author of the project asks about the existence in this period of examples of positive heroes, which could be guided by the modern generation. The exposition of the exhibition is divided into three parts.

Vera Trachtenberg, curator: "Artyom Goloschapov creates a video epic that raises important questions of Russian mass culture: how did the image of the hero evolve in post-Soviet cinema? Who are they, our today's idols? Do they exist at all? In the method of the parsed narrative, to which Artem addresses, he discovers not only a special "materiality" for video art, but also experiments with viewing conditions, beating the name of the exhibition."

Artyom Goloschapov, artist: "Video builds the image of a positive hero who is acting right now, in Moscow in 2018. It seems to me that action in the present tense is a luxury in itself, because nowadays good characters are usually looked for in images of war or a long-standing olympiad. I turn to the heroic morphology, sort through the various idols of the recent past, hoping - no, no, and yes. Including, because I'm also nostalgic - there was a time when those who could be looked at from the posters looked at you. There was a time when we were not nostalgic."