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AI Group

06 March — 17 April 2018
22 ARTIS Gallery

AI Group

The exhibition "Amalgam" of the "AI" group, which opens in the ARTIS gallery on March 6, is devoted to understanding the notion of perception.

The project consists of painting, video and an object, united by obsessive fragmentation, understatement and mystery. The viewer is shown something, as if representing a part of reality. But how much is this reality finite and objective, and in general, is this reality?

The central image of the exposition is a mirror. As a matter of fact, the mirror is a glass on which the reflecting emulsion of an amalgam is put, that cardinally changes properties of object. Instead of a transparent, translucent world, it becomes a reflective tool that duplicates reality.

Group "AI" shows the reverse movement - fr om the mirror to the glass. The stage of disappearance of the amalgam from the surface of the glass is demonstrated in the meditative video and in the main object of the exposition, wh ere the half-frozen mirrors with the destroyed amalgam are opposed to the whole.

The metaphor of transformation and deconstruction of the mirror refers to the idea of ​​the surface, as a boundary separating one reality from another. The surface of the mirror deceptively demonstrates the image of reality, in fact very distorted (inverted). The surface of the painting appears as an accurate document of the artist's consciousness, but in the case of the AI ​​group, it displays a vague memory, devoid of any specificity.