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Henning Strassburger
“Air Conditioner”

24 April — 30 June 2018

Henning Strassburger
“Air Conditioner”

Osnova Gallery is pleased to present the first personal exhibition in Russia of the German artist Henning Strassberger. A new project of the artist continues his commentary on contemporary visual culture.

Strassberger carefully examines the color and imagery schemes of images in mass media and advertising to create abstract paintings. His painting is ironic and disturbing, sharply social and personal, contrasting and harmonious. In the works of Strassberger among the graphic lines and color spots, recognizable images are viewed, and the interaction of the viewer with them combines the guessing of the source of the concrete with the sensory emotional perception of the abstract. His picturesque technique combines the techniques of expressionism in bright colors and vigorous gestures and minimalism in a quest for a perfectly flat canvas surface. The aesthetic task of the artist is to create a pictorial canvas that looks like a digital image and own reproduction - sends us to post-Internet art.

Strassberger refers to the topics of discretization of modern culture and interpenetration of public and private. In his work, the artist explores the place of painting in the era of digital technology, satiated visual space with symbols and images.

Henning Strassberger (born 1983) lives and works in Berlin. He graduated from the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts and took part in major international events, including Art Basel and The Arsenal Show.