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Kirill Alexeev
«History of secret knowledge. Signs, symbols and emblems in art "

19 March — 30 May 2018
10 School of Collectors and Experts

Kirill Alexeev
«History of secret knowledge. Signs, symbols and emblems in art "

In the School of Collectors and Experts, a set of author's courses by Kirill Alekseev entitled "The History of Secret Knowledge." Signs, symbols and emblem in art. " The course is devoted to the study of the links between the world art history and the global world of ideas, "secret" knowledge and organizations.

The course includes 10 lecture-seminar sessions lasting for 3 hours with a break for a coffee break. Classes are held once a week.

The cost of 40.000 rubles


1. Truth and truth. The history of the secret knowledge of Greece and Ancient Rome. Cult of Hecate, hermetic sects. Egyptian and Persian mystical beliefs. Followers of the Avesta.

2. "Opponents of Christianity." Asceticism and religious practices in the III-I centuries BC. Sources of Christian dogmas. Noncanonical Christianity. Apocrypha and heresy of the first centuries of Christianity.

3. Secret knowledge in Islam. Dervish orders, "branches" and "representations" of eastern religious and mystical communities in Europe in the Middle Ages.

4. Chinese and Arab alchemy. Theory and practice. Hidden recipes of Eastern poetry.

5. History of the Templars and Hospitallers. Finance and secret knowledge. The rise and fall of a "state without territory".

6. The birth of Freemasonry. First orders and communities. Goals and objectives.

7. Signs, symbols and emblems of Russian Masonry of the 18th century. Architecture and portrait. "Cryptography" and the impact on Russian politics.

8. Secret organizations of the XIX century. Progress and secret knowledge. Atheism and radical Masons.

9. Modern "hidden" organizations. The Gurdjieffers and the "London mystics".

10. The New Eden. Ideal society. The history of utopias and mystifications in the twentieth century. Mystical search in the beginning of the XXI century.